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"Living The Kountry Lifestyle"

Lawn Care

It is vital to maintain your lawn to ensure it stays healthy and lush.  Prices range from $50-$225* for mowing and general lawn service agreement maintenance. 

Fertilizer Treatment and Soil Aeration

Your lawn may need fertilizer treatment to enhance its growth. This will cost $75-$125* for one treatment.  Soil Aeration service. The soil on your lawn needs to be broken up so nutrients and water can reach the roots. This should be done twice a year in spring and fall, and costs $125-$200*.

Shrub, bush, and Tree Planting

Shrubs and bushes start at $50 to *$75.  Planting includes new soil and fertilizer.

Planting And Tree/Shrub Removal

Shrubs and bushes start at $75 to $150. Trees (up to 30 feet)

Removal cost between $200 and $375*.

Medium trees (30 to 60 feet)

The cost to remove a medium-sized tree cost between $375 and $700*.

Large trees (up to 80 feet) Prices start from $1,400*

Kountry Kuts Landscaping

(253) 366-5009

Welcome to Kountry Kuts Landscaping

With over 10 years experience in the landscaping business.  Although Kountry Kuts Landscaping is a start up business new to the PNW we are family owned and operated business.  We are going to put our boots on and get ready to embrace the PNW.  So if you see us around town say howdy y'all we are here to earn your business.  We are determined to provide all your landscaping needs.

Owner Dawn Johnson-




Service Agreement Prices

Compare The Our Service Agreements And Find The Best Fit For You.

Monthly Service Agreement

Starting At $175

Per Month

Best Package Offer

Monthly Lawn Service Includes

Weekly Mowing and Weed Eating

Grass Clipping Removal and Blowing off Debris

Regular Feeding,  Weed control, and Soil Aeration Management

        Lawn Fertilization

 Leaf Removal

Pruning shrubs and bushes.

Monthly Service Agreement Starting At

Bi-Weekly Service Agreement

Lawn Mowed 


Starting At 


Per Bi-Weekly

Best for General Upkeep

Bi-Weekly Lawn Service Includes

Bi-Weekly Mowing and Weed Eating

Grass Clipping Removal And Blowing off Debris

Regular Feeding And Weed Management

Bi-Weekly Service Agreement Starting At

Weekly Service Agreement

Lawn Mowed Weekly

Starting At


Per Week

Best Seller

Weekly Lawn Service Includes

Weekly Mowing

Grass Clipping Removal And Blowing off Debris

Weekly Service Agreement

Week To Week Non Service Agreement Mowing

We also off non service agreement mowing.  We can mow, edge, and blow debris from your yard on a week to week basis.  Just let us know when you'd like us to come out make an appointment and we will take care of the rest without any commitment.  We understand your needs and if this sounds like something your interested give us a call today. Rates start at just $75.00 for full service mowing of your lawn or pasture. 



May, 2021

Living the Kountry way of life. Living the Kountry life means living the good life. Let Kountry Kuts get your lawn ready for summer. We have a proven record of reliable landscape service and customer satisfaction. Do business with Kountry Kuts Landscaping.